NOV Platform

The NOV, a network organization for officers in the Dutch army, decided to grow their online presence and came to us for their new website. If you’re an officer in the Dutch army, the NOV will […]

NOV Recruitment Video

The NOV, a dutch (military) officers unions was looking for a video concept to recruit new members. In consultation with the NOV, we decided on a cinematic approach to reach a younger crowd. The final […]

KKaboom Hotel Maastricht Render

Kaboom Hotel Maastricht 3D visualisation

In the spring of 2015, Kaboom Hotel Maastricht was only weeks away from being opened and faced a problem. “How do we get the rooms booked before they’re even built?” Of course, no one books […]


What makes a great portrait? does it depend on lighting, the beauty of the subject or following the rules and structure of portrait photography? Following all the rules will result in a decent portrait, but […]

Suzo Happ Germany Online Catalog

Suzo Happ is a developer and distributor of diversified machine components serving both equipment operators and original manufacturers in a very wide range of markets. In the past, hard-copy catalogs were distributed to their clients. […]


The Nix Pro Color Sensor is the tape measure for color. With its industry-grade accuracy and ease of use, the Nix Pro is the perfect tool for color measurement in any business. It takes the guesswork out of color measurement leaving you with precise […]


At Bijzonder you’ll find special dishes and extraordinary flavors, all made with love for good and healthy food. Seeing as how Bijzonder isn’t your typical restaurant, they needed something that differs from your typical Photography. […]